Chasing Eclipses

I produced and edited a video montage of eclipse chasers from around the world using found footage for the Adler Planetarium’s Chasing Eclipses Exhibition.

In the moment before a total solar eclipse, you can physically experience the shadow before it arrives. The wind picks up. Wildlife goes quiet. The temperature drops. The sunlight slowly dims in the middle of the day, bathing the surroundings in an eerie twilight. What feels like an otherworldly experience, is attainable on Earth, and it will leave you in awe. Chasing Eclipses, will immerse you in the spine-tingling, goose bump-inducing experience of a solar eclipse. You’ll find inspiration in eclipse chasers from history and discover the cosmic scale of being in the shadow of the Moon.

Director, Producer, and Editor
Adler Planetarium
Temporary Exhibition

Eclipse Chasers Installation Video