Captain James Lovell

I filmed and edited an interview of Captain James Lovell from Apollo 8, 13, and the Gemini 12 mission for the Adler Planetarium’s Mission Moon exhibition.

Mission Moon invites you to experience America’s first steps into space through the eyes of NASA’s Captain James A. Lovell Jr. and his family. Captain Lovell’s story is full of twists and turns, setbacks and successes. It’s the story of a national hero, but it’s also the story of a kid from Wisconsin, who loved rockets. It’s the story of a husband and father whose supportive family helped him become extraordinary.

Director, Producer, and Editor
Adler Planetarium
Documentary Style Interviews
Ann Vedder
Content Developer

Can you tell us about Apollo 8 and what that flight meant to the country?

What was it like sitting in the Gemini 12 capsule as Buzz Aldrin performed one of his spacewalks?

What was it like spending two weeks in space with Frank Borman during Gemini 7?

As backup commander for Neil Armstrong, what was it like watching Apollo 11 launch toward the Moon?